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How Cryptocurrency Futures are Impacting the Global Financial Ecosystem

There are many reasons to be excited about recent trends in cryptocurrency — from user uptake, to banking integration, even increased regulation

Here’s what you need to know about Bitcoin

It’s been an exciting time for the Atlas team recently, taking our new platform on the road and telling our story to a more global audience. But the more people we meet, the clearer it is that the story of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is only just beginning

Supporting Women and Diversity in the Crypto Space

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency industry — along with the technology industry as a whole — has an issue with diversity.

What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Cryptocurrency Fluctuations

Last month the world was a captive audience as they watched teams from across the globe compete against each other in the World Cup

Market Analysis: Cryptocurrency in 2018 and Beyond — What the Experts are Saying

To say 2017 was a big year for cryptocurrency would be an understatement.

Three Ways to Harmonize the Crypto Community with Internet Giants

The advertising ban on cryptocurrencies launched by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap added insult to injury on the heels of the launch of SEC probes and a continuing bear market for crypto.

Atlas Hits the Road

Back in May, our Founder and CEO, Rodrigo Marques shared never before told news of Atlas Quantum’s unprecedented growth in front of a captive audience at BitConf Brazil.

For Millennials, cryptocurrency offers larger potential than traditional markets

Millennials have made their mark on the global economy by rebelling against the patterns that their parents helped establish years ago.

Three Reasons to Invest with Atlas Quantum

A few short years ago an entrepreneur in Brazil had an idea to help people all over the world harness an emerging digital currency to build wealth.

What you need to know about crypto regulation

Interest in crypto has exploded this year from investors and governments alike as trading continues to prove profitable, and fear of a correction in the traditional markets continues to mount.

Why -and how- crypto should be in your balanced portfolio

We have a simple mission at Atlas Quantum: to help the world build wealth through cryptocurrencies. We believe that the strategies usually reserved for wealthy individuals and large institutional investors should be available to everyone

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