Three Reasons to Invest with Atlas Quantum

A few short years ago an entrepreneur in Brazil had an idea to help people all over the world harness an emerging digital currency to build wealth. He didn’t have an office or a staff, but he had a vision. The man was Rodrigo Marques dos Santos, a former senior consultant at BM&FBOVESPA, the leading securities, commodities and future exchange in Latin America.

Using highly-sophisticated investment strategies proven in traditional markets and historically only accessible to institutions and a small number of wealthy individuals, Marques built Atlas Quantum, the first arbitrage platform of its kind designed to make investing accessible to anyone, anywhere*.

Today Atlas Quantum employs over 100 people and manages assets in excess of $27m. That’s due in large part to the tremendous interest in cryptocurrency that grows by the day, the fascination with money that is not tied to government, and the realization that livelihoods are no longer bound by geography.

Thousands are joining the platform each month.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to be one of them.

Cryptocurrency is getting its due

Although cryptocurrency first emerged almost ten years ago, we’re still just getting started.

Bitcoin took a big step towards mainstream acceptance this spring, Marques told the Daily Express this April, when CoinBase was awarded an e-money license in the UK.

Governments across the world are rushing to understand this new financial movement amid their citizens increasing fascination and participation. Marques elaborated even more in the article, “Even with regulatory involvement and new rules, innovation around cryptocurrencies will increasingly support financial inclusion and encourage greater participation in the financial system among those who previously felt out of the loop.”

Whether you are a seasoned investor, or just dipping your toe in, this is welcome news.

Our security is top-notch

We take our customers’ security very seriously. New accounts are set up to verify all financial transactions, such as withdrawals and changes to account data, via email. We also encourage customers to turn-on two-factor authentication to ensure any movement within a customer’s’ account is sanctioned by them.

In addition to other financial best practices, part of the custody stays in cold storage, which means we store the company’s assets in a separate portfolio. This move is designed to avoid risk to customers if any of the markets we operate on the platform suffers from a problem that blocks the recovery of assets.

We also partner with top information security firms to further enhance our practices. One such group, Tempest, is recognized by Gartner as one of the best firms in Latin America.

Although we cannot control fluctuations in the market, we can control how we treat our customers. You can learn more about our security policies here.

We’re invested in you

Much like the humble beginnings of Atlas Quantum, we know great ideas must start somewhere.

Whatever your reasons for investing: buying a home, building a nest-egg, or funding a dream — we’re invested in your future. That’s why we built a platform that puts the user first: no hidden fees, and no complicated learning curve.

We’re proud to have the support and backing of WOW — one of the largest startup accelerator programs in Brazil, run by a team of over 50 investors and mentors and whose partners include Google, Amazon and Zendesk.

In the coming months we plan to expand the Atlas Quantum platform to even more countries, including the United States.

We’d love to gain your trust and help make cryptocurrency work for you.

To join the ranks as the latest crypto investor, simply set-up your account here.

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