Atlas Hits the Road

Back in May, our Founder and CEO, Rodrigo Marques shared never before told news of Atlas Quantum’s unprecedented growth in front of a captive audience at BitConf Brazil.

What kind of growth are we talking about, exactly? In the middle of 2017, our company stood at 10 employees, working out of a home office. By December, we had grown to a team of 34. Today, we stand 104 strong at our offices here in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our base is indeed keeping pace. Atlas Quantum continues to grow 30% per month, both in client and bitcoin acquisition. Our active clients now number close to 13,000, and are spread throughout the world, 52 countries to be exact. There are over 230,000 individuals with an interest in setting up accounts, and they continue to be onboarded in droves.

With over 3,976 bitcoins in custody, we are indeed making good on our mission to help democratize the tools to enable individuals to build wealth through cryptocurrency.

Why tell you all of this? It may seem like we are simply puffing out our chest at these numbers, but the truth is there’s a story to share, and it involves you.

The crypto community continues to grow, fascinated by a world where currency is not dictated by government, changes hands in record speed, and utilizes the ever-growing power of technology and security. It’s progress is built on your shoulders, and fueled by your curiosity and intellect.

We know that the success of our company would not be what it is if we did not have your support, and for that, we sincerely thank you.

As this often virtual — but very real — community continues to gain in strength in numbers, we’re investing heavily in meeting you in person because we want to share in your crypto stories!

In the coming months and years, we’re planning broad expansion, including in the United States. As we begin this new chapter, we’re taking our team on the road to meet you, where you are.

Where is that exactly? Around the world!

A few weeks back, our team attended Consensus in NYC, where over 8,500 attendees discussed funding, net neutrality, government involvement, and the future of crypto. The Atlas team met with many of you, and Rodrigo Marques shared insights with reporters, as well as appearing on Bloomberg Radio.

Now, we’re off again!

In June, we’ll be in Europe exhibiting at Money20/20, Europe’s largest FinTech event held in Amsterdam, which brings together financial services and other payment providers.

A few days later, you can find us at MoneyConf, the world’s fastest growing tech summit, in Dublin. With a focus on high-level executives, where we expect to find leaders from Visa, Stripe and more in attendance.

Based elsewhere? Don’t worry, in July we’ll also be headed to Hong Kong for RISE, dubbed the largest tech conference in Asia. With over 15,000 attendees anticipated from over 100 countries, this experience is sure to be comprehensive.

We’d love to see you there and answer any of your questions about our platform, or investing in cryptocurrency in general! Stop by our booths to talk with members of our team, share your stories, test your Bitcoin knowledge with our quiz, and learn how you can begin making Bitcoin work for you.

Will we see you there? Let us know by dropping us a line in the comments below.

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